About UFOz

UFOz unblocked is a super fun space io game that takes the concept of Hole.io. You can play UFOz for free in your browser. The point of the game is to upgrade your UFO by sucking a lot of things in a big city, such as people, buildings, trees, and even other players’ UFOs. As an alien, you can freely make your way through the city with your UFO hunting for things to devour. When you catch sight of them, quickly eat them up to get your UFO bigger. Also, if you suck the UFOs of other players, you will earn a lot of points for that. More points will be awarded to you if you suck big things. When you upgrade the UFO, the suction power will grow the power as well. There are 8 levels you can upgrade UFO to. Keep improving until you reach the top place on the leaderboard! Are you ready to play UFOz for free? Join it now!

How To Play

Use the mouse for the movement and use the left mouse to suck things in the city.

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