Come to the new combat in the fun game and select the mode that you love to join! Play Free For All or with your team against other people and you must be the last player standing. You and everybody will be moved to a distant island in which you can check out your shooting skill and other abilities without charge. However, you should gear up yourself by collecting weapons, ammo, scopes, and other supplies as you have nothing but the simple backpack after you parachute. They will be the useful items that you can use to attack your antagonists or restore your health. There is a very dangerous area in It is the red zone which will deal increasingly greater damage to anybody that stays in it. Thus, you need to avoid that place or you can die. Besides, it is necessary to eliminate adversaries because you can take their loot or get stronger objects. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or Arrows to roam, Left click to attack, F to pick up.

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