Explore another style with the familiar sport through the match in game for free! Work together with a team and compete against the opposing faction. To become the champion, you have to achieve the better score as fast as possible. Once the time runs out, you must be the winner. Join the challenge and take control of your nitro boost carefully since it is a special weapon used to surprise the enemy or assist your friends in some cases. What you will focus is to score goals and stop the opponent from gaining the higher point. For every situation happening in the racing, remember to stay together with teammates when they get troubles and defend your net or predict the upcoming actions of the other party. Indeed, you should not rush but keep an eye on everything around you to figure out the proper solution until you dominate the top spot. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, left click to boost, Space to stop, C to change to the fullscreen camera, X to center it on the player.

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