About is a great Free For all game based on Agario style. It promises to bring back to the player an extremely interesting journey. Enter a dangerous ocean and you can meet up with a lot of people. On a large map where islands put side by side, you will have to defend against every opponent that you encounter along the way. From the mainland, you will have the chance to discover locations and show your abilities before you are the most powerful warrior of the tribe. Wander around the playing field and check your power by attacking other characters. Watch out! Attempt to avoid their hits, especially spears that they throw at you. They are deadly weapons causing the death of you in an instant. Don’t worry! Manipulate the special skill and you can run away before you are killed. Survive as long as possible and dominate the leaderboard!

How To Play

Move around by using your mouse. Press LMB to attack, RMB to boost speed.

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