About Hexar.io

Hexar.io is an incredible io game which is free for all to play on mobile devices and on PC. It is a fun-addicting challenge in which you will have to act smartly so as to claim the largest territory in the short time. Roam around the new map with a dot and create a trail your way. It will help you dominate the area that you want. However, you should move skillfully to capture it without being killed. Indeed, you will meet up with tons of opponents after you spawn in Hexar.io. They are also the ones that you have to take precautions or they can find an appropriate moment to attack your line. If you let them hit what you are drawing, you will die immediately. Dodge their aggressive action promptly to survive! Also, use that tip to destroy them. Additionally, defend your home base or it will be stolen and occupied. Good luck!

How To Play

Left click on the area you expect in order to change the direction.

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