Happy Snakes

About Happy Snakes

Playing snake io games unblocked is never boring! Are you up to join Happy Snakes online which is a new edition of Slither.io? Feel free to play it in your browser to meet new friends and challenge them to more matches. Just like its predecessor, in Happy Snakes free game, you direct the movement of a happy snake trying to tackle other enemy snakes in the same big arena. There are glowing dots dispersed around you. Feel free to chomp them to grow yourself. It’s good when your snake reaches a bigger size because that means you can kill other snakes more easily. You can take advantage of your long body to go around them, or speed up to outmaneuver them and quickly cut them off as well as make them run into you. Remember, you have to be a cunning, tough, and evil snake in this title if you want to rule the battlefield and the leaderboard. Play it now! Don’t forget to try other snake games either!

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse button to go at full speed.

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