Go! Eat! Bomb!

About Go! Eat! Bomb!

Check the new exciting match in Go! Eat! Bomb! game and play with tons of powerful enemies! Try to kill as many players as possible to become the King! Participate in the challenge as an excessively greedy eater, a glutton. First of all, find food and consume everything that is edible such as kittens, N2O pills, and mushrooms. They are the safe power-ups sources that you should collect when you are still weak. They will bring back more coins. Be careful! Do not run into the shit because they are very dangerous! They can kill anyone who touches them in the short time. Your body will explode into hundreds of pieces in a wink. Aside from that, attempt to run away from stronger or larger antagonists or they will bite and absorb you. However, you can move to the middle of a crowd to blow up yourself and earn more scores. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move and eat food.

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