About is an addictive free online RPG game. Become one of the players who is stranded on an island. At that strange land, you and these people have to fight against each other or work together in order to survive. However, the dominant position has only one. Thus, you should figure out the best strategy to climb up to the top spot on the leaderboard as soon as possible. That will increase your winning chance, too. When you step into the playfield, move around the area and gather resources. Get 20 wood from a tree and advance to mine stone. They are important materials used to craft items. Choose the Crafting Bar on the left-hand side to generate tools. You can pick upgrades for skills with leveling. Build up a tower defense and fight against hostile teams. Aside from that, hunt wild animals for food. If you starve, you will lose. Let’s play and experience!

How To Play

Use WADS to move, left click to attack or control items, Space to charge or jump, Shift to sneak, Q to drop an item, R to dismantle a building, E to mount or unmount the weapon or turrets.

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