About Crowded

You have to become the best leader people are looking for in Crowded unblocked! It’s an addictive and unique io game about creating a big crowd in a huge city. When you step into the city, you see that there are many people around you. Start to gather them across the city as you try to defeat the opponents that are doing the same task. When you add those people to your group, the size of the group becomes larger. Keep doing so until you built a big crowd of people for yourself. On your way, you will encounter many players with different sizes of crowds. Now, you should use your strategies to outplay them by taking their members to your side. However, you can only do that to the groups with fewer members than yours while you still have to be aware of other players with more members, otherwise, you will be consumed. Make your crowd the biggest in the city and get the victory! Have fun with Crowd City online free!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move your crowd of people around the city in the game.

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