About Cool

Give a try to Cool unblocked free online and see if you can become the grand snake in a big arena. Cool is a game like but it features new challenges to conquer. You will take control of a small snake around in a 3D snowy world trying to eat a lot of pellets that are dispersed on the ground to get your size bigger through over time. Enemies are everywhere on the map, so you need to be careful with them and always protect yourself from them. After growing your size, you can use your body to outsmart your opponents and stop them from killing you. Lure them into running into you, speed up to bypass them. When they come in contact with your body, they will be eliminated from the arena. You aim to survive to reach the top rank on the leaderboard, which makes you the biggest snake in the arena. Have fun!

How To Play

Control the movement of your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse button to speed it up.

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