About Battlz.Club

Battlz.Club is a brand new Io game about a fun fighting where you will join Free For All mode together with hundreds of opponents. Explore the battlefield and try to become the best member of the club. Face to face other players and show up your own skills to collect as many souls as possible. When you complete that goal, you are able to earn the higher rank and make your name appear on the leaderboard. Aside from that, you will granted more experience if you get the larger streak. For skilled guys, they will advance faster. In Battlz.Club, you can knock other rivals back by hitting. Additionally, you are recommended to push your targets into the flying fireballs. They will die and you can gather what you want. If they stay alive, they will fly farther and their damage meter will increase. To perform a dash, do not ignore energy orbs on the ground! Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move and attack.

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