The mission for a commander of an army of archers in ARCHERz unblocked is to grow the army size and try to dominate the entire arena. Can you do that? Let’s join this strategy io game right now to present your skills then see if you can reach that goal. You need to hire more archers and add them to your size then jump into the fray to battle it out. The enemy archers will also be very strong with their big armies, so you must be careful with them and carefully send your archers out into the fight to kill all opponents. These archers are also very helpful in collecting gold coins on the map, not just only fighting for you. Let them pick up the coins as much as they can, then you can use these coins to get more upgrades for your army. Once have reached 100 archers, you will have a very powerful army. Think you can vanquish all enemies and dominate the arena? Play ARCHERz for free now!

How To Play

The mouse is used for the movement of your archers. Attack enemies using the left mouse, and press 1-9 for the bow.

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