About can be considered as another version! Most of the games like are very interesting and addictive to play. In this IO game, you will also play as a tiny blob when you first spawn in the game arena, then you must go around the map to eat up the smaller generated blobs spreading over the playfield. You have to absorb them as much as possible to increase your food chain and make sure that you will stay away from the bigger blobs controlled by real opponents. You can see there are plenty of red circles, if you touch them, your blob will be split into many smaller pieces, which is just like the way you touched the virus in All of your mass will be broken down, which is very risky because others can eat you up easily if they are nearby you. But if you have tactics, you can split your blob or throw your mass to consume smaller rivals. Attempt to defend yourself all the time, keep growing your mass, track your score and climb the top of the leaderboard!

How To Play

Control your blob with the mouse. Press key W to throw your mass, and press spacebar to split your blob

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