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The game can be played in your own browser for free, which is just like other released IO games.

What is is another Multiplayer game with an IO style and it’s greatly inspired by The game can be played in your own browser for free, which is just like other released IO games. can be considered as a clone of, but surely it will contain various interesting features that will keep you entertained and make itself more exciting.


As previously mentioned above, is a clone of, so it will partially follow the similar concept as well as gameplay mechanics. When you first spawn in the arena, you will start to move around the map as a tiny blob trying to hunt for a lot of food orbs. The more orbs you absorb, the bigger your blob will become. also has the same rule as, which is that you can only eat up smaller orbs controlled by real players while attempting to stay away from the bigger ones. Keep focusing on collecting foods until you gain a large amount of mass. After getting larger, you are freely able to split your main blob into many smaller pieces so you can run faster or go chase down other targets that are in your sight. The main objective of that you need to achieve is to climb your way up the leaderboard to

prove your power as well as build your own dominance.

In-game controls

Needless to say much, the controls in are the same as the ones in game. You will take control of your blob by using the mouse. When your mass is greatly increased, you can split your blob into smaller pieces by pressing spacebar. In addition, another function is that you can eject your mass. To do so, you need to use key W. contains some hotkeys which can help you control your blob in the game more easily.

In-game features

The biggest difference of compared to is that it consists of so many interesting features, such as zoom speed, hide my name, private servers PVP, Chat Box, FPS, Auto Zoom, as well as plenty of custom skins for you to select, and others.

Private Servers

Private servers are considered as one of the great features in With these servers, you are able to engage in any server that you like, or you can even make your own one in which you will enjoy the game with your buddies by sharing the link with them.

Custom Skins allows you to make any skins you like. You can show off your creativity, make more skins then upload them in, then copy paste the skin link in the URL tab. That’s when you can begin to use your skin in the game.

Play For Free can be played in your own browser for free now, so you can

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an enter it easily and play the game anytime you can. Mods mods will make the game itself more interesting and exciting to play since the mods will bring brand new features to the players. Also, with the appearance of mods, you guys can totally check out extra things that aren’t supported by the official game yet, like new functions in the game, more awesome skins, and so on. mods can be downloaded and installed for free.

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